Kameron Keller

Software Engineer

Email: kkeller.works@gmail.com
Github: KameronKeller
LinkedIn: Kameron-Keller

Hey! My name is Kameron Keller. I am a computer science student and software developer. It is my mission to build great software that makes your life better.


Canvas to Trello A tool that provides one-way sync of homework assignments from Canvas to Trello.

Screenshot: Assignments in Trello
Languages/Frameworks: Python, SQLite

Grid World Deep Q-Learning A reinforcement learning algorithm that trains an agent to successfully navigate the Frozen Lake grid world using a Deep Q-Network (neural network).

Demo: Google Colab Demo
Languages/Frameworks: Python, TensorFlow

Laser Data Transfer Transmit and receive data over laser with a pair of Arduinos. Co-authored with Colin Suckow.

Languages/Frameworks: C++

HelicopterTutor.com A website designed to provide tools to aviation educators and students, hosted with GitHub Pages, built with Jekyll.

Website: www.helicoptertutor.com
Languages/Frameworks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jekyll

CS340 Databases Final Project This project was an exercise in database design, modeled on a fictional flight school. It includes diagrams, constraint analysis, database design, sample data, and sample transactions. The final product is a website that allows a user to type in a query and view the results in a table. It also allows a user to insert contact information, which can then be viewed on the website. Co-authored with Dalton Shults.

Video: Databases Project Video Demonstration Languages/Frameworks: PHP, MySQL, HTML

Technical Proficiencies

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
June 2024

Remote (UAV) Pilot Certification
November 2017

Associate of Applied Science in Aviation
June 2013

Certified Flight Instructor - Helicopter
February 2013

Commercial Pilot - Helicopter
October 2012